Happiness is
within reach of everyone! Agree? Disagree?
To assert a YES or a NO, it is first advisable to answer
this question: WHAT IS HAPPINESS?
After believing for many years that happiness was running away from me, I have been working on this issue and found out I was mistaken. Actually, it was not the happiness that ran away from me, it was me who did not let it in.
We have to open the doors to this Happiness, to greet and share it !!!
I wish you all a good reading!


We all have in or life experienced difficult situations, but what differenciates us is our way to deal with.For a long time, I cried for myself wondering why life was against me. Seve years ago, while on my way to get my kids to school, a man assaulted and robbed me.
Needless to say how I felt...
When I finally got home, I did my best to hide my pain (especially for protecting my children, I didn't want to show them how much people could be cruel). My husband and I told them about the theft but not the rest. During the two days that followed, I stayed shuttered up at home ; I was just a shell. And the third day, I awoke quite different...
This very morning, it occurred to me that I had a choice to make: either I sank into depression or I got out of there stronger. Sink into the shade or go out to the Light? Hmmm... Knowing that persist in my depression would only give more power, more control to this man upon me, upon my life. And it was out of question of letting him hurt us more because indirectly he was hurting my family too. So I chose the Light. I immediately pulled myself together and started looking at the world in which we live as a spectator. Thus I realized that life is a simple linear path, and pitfalls are drawn by our own perceptions and judgments.
Having chosen the Light, it was obvious, negative feelings such as anger and spirit or revenge have vanished ... and life began to reveal to me its secrets. Or should I say, I have silenced my mourning and opened my senses to hear what the universe has to tell. The basic message is that the source of all suffering is the lack of love, lack of confidence, but especially the lack of self-knowledge.

We need to open our conscience to the fact that, whatever our nationality, our social environment, we hold in our hands the power to do good, to be happy and make the world better. That happiness, like unhappiness, is not the result of any external event. It is an inner creation. And to create, we have to know ourselves and not just as individual but as essence.
We are not only an animated shape, but also, even above all, a wide field of possibilities. All the answers we seek are within us. Luck and fate do not exist. The world, it is we who are shaping it with our actions, but also with our thoughts. Everyone owes his happiness or suffering to himself. It is the responsibility of everyone to get to know himself, this is the best way to cure all its ills.
The awakening of consciousness can occur at any time in our lives and do not necessarily have to follow a trauma. What if this revival was now?